Who is LaTanya Arthur?

I’m LaTanya Arthur, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. I work with men and women from every walk of life, and with professionals who are making the decision to take control of their health, but need help getting started. As a former Investigator and Paralegal for a top-tier law firm headquartered in NYC, I understand firsthand the strains a high-performance career can put on the body and mind. So, I set out to help people who are where I was, get to where I am – a place of inner and outer peace and happiness.

After attaining the highest certification level for a Contracting Officer, I realized I was waaaaay out of balance. After enduring multiple ambulance calls and ER visits, and watching even my most basic systemic basic functions start to fail, I slowly made a decision to stop being a victim to my failing health and set my course for healing.  As a mom and role model for three girls, I’m passionate about personal responsibility and understand the importance of meeting you right where you are on your journey. Taking responsibility doesn’t have to be daunting. It begins as simply as identifying your goals, finding the right help, and setting yourself up for success – and that starts with a single step in the right direction.

ARE YOU READY to get your OOMPH back?  It’s the most precious gift you can give yourself and the people who rely on you the most. Come join me and get your life BACK!


Take the First Step...

``There is no shame in receiving help, the shame is in knowing you needed it but didn't ask.