At Beautiful University we take a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Studies show putting corporate wellness programs in place have a positive net result on the overall well-being of employees by:

  •  Helping employees manage stress
  • Decreasing presenteeism
  • Minimizing absenteeism
  • Improving work/life balance


For every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yield roughly $4 savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased health costs.

Our philosophy is that a one-size fits all approach does not  foster the best outcomes.  With that in mind, we structure our programs based on your needs and that of of your employees.

Our services include:

Integrative Nutrition Coaching –  The ability to engage with someone 1:1 to discuss specific challenges is key to     shifting behavior patterns.  We offer individual coaching sessions whether in-person, telephonically, via e-mail or through Skype.  Utilizing our integrative approach these sessions are used to cover nutrition, stress management, circadian rhythms and lifestyle challenges.


E-programs – Web-based tools are necessary to achieve results in a fast-paced environment.  Access to information at your fingertips reduces barriers to engagement in wellness programs.  Ask about our ability to customize and brand magazines for your specific organization and provide access to articles and videos designed to increase wellness.


Wellness Workshops- that stimulate the senses.  Engaging seminars related to overall health and nutrition keep attendees curious about their role in owning their health.  Examples of topics include – Whole Foods for Healing Stress; Beat the Bloat; Jump off the Sugar Roller Coaster and more.


Enhanced HRAs – In order to understand unique challenges faced by employees, we offer an Enhanced Health Risk Assessment that will not only calculate risks for co-morbidities, but provide recommendations for resolving the risk in question.

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