I Managed My Stress on the Toilet!


07:17:2013 The #1 and #2 of saving time

Great day Tribe!  How are you feeling today? A little overwhelmed and maybe stressed? I recently got off chat with a colleague and we were discussing how swamped we are.  Growing a Business is hard work that we love, but  I literally ended up chatting while on the toilet because THAT is very multitaskable.  Lol… it may be TMI but I know I’m not the only one. 😀

Are you happy it’s Thursday and Friday is almost here? ..yaaay!  Never mind the loads of unfinished projects.  Are you bummed because you need and want more week to finish what you didn’t last week?   Or maybe you feel a bit of both.  In order to meet these challenges head on it may be high time to delegate.   Yes, delegate.   “Control freak” tendencies have to be minimized in order for this to work.

FOOD pic for blog - kid made

Start with some of the smaller things.  I have already delegated the cleaning of certain areas of the house to the kids…no brainer, right?  Well, they can also cook me a meal too!  We started ours young but getting any age familiar to the kitchen is quite easy- they gotta eat anyway.  Now when it comes to my business my “CF” tendencies start to rear its beautifully ugly head 😉

So here’s my plan…just do it!  If you can’t read my mind like my husband does, then here are a few more ideas…

1. Promotional materials –  I need some materials designed.   Not to the level of a Design company so I will reach out to budding designers…recent grads building portfolios.

2. Working on a website –  You can pay a company to do it no problem.   If $ is an obstacle there are some great DIY tools out there like www.WIX.com.  Check out  http://ladyfikes.wix.com/codenextgeneration for an idea of what yours can look like. It’s also a wonderful organization.  If  you don’t even have the time to do it yourself or perhaps you’re not the creative type, look for someone to barter with. It’s always a timesaver when you do what YOU do and find someone else to do what they do.

3.  Start moving.   There are things that we do quite well when we put our minds to it.   Starting seems to be the only challenge.  So the thing you know you can do but don’t really want to do but when you start to do it,  it’s actually not that bad.  Start there.

As for me, it’s time to get off the pot.. .literally and figuratively.

Have a wonderfully productive day!

LaTanya “Tee”  Arthur is a holistic health coach who helps busy women who are stressed and burned out, enhance their LifeSTYLE by focusing on their relationship to food and self, so they can be at peace without having to sacrifice one more thing.

Be Blessed.  Be Beautiful.  Just B. U.”

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