I Managed My Stress on the Toilet!


07:17:2013 The #1 and #2 of saving time

Great day Tribe!  How are you feeling today? A little overwhelmed and maybe stressed? I recently got off chat with a colleague and we were discussing how swamped we are.  Growing a Business is hard work that we love, but  I literally ended up chatting while on the toilet because THAT is very multitaskable.  Lol… it may be TMI but I know I’m not the only one. 😀

Living for the weekend? AND have loads of unfinished projects?  In order to meet these challenges head on it may be high time to delegate.   Yes, delegate.   “Control freak” tendencies have to be minimized in order for this to work.

FOOD pic for blog - kid made

My daughter made this slightly warmed salad when she was 11.

Start with some of the smaller things.  As a parent I don’t condone having children only for them to be an adult’s minion but I do believe in chores. At an early age, my girls knew what it meant to clean up after themselves and as they got older those duties were commensurate with their age. They’d also cook, with me present of course.  We started ours young but honestly getting any age familiarized with the kitchen is quite easy.  They have to eat anyway and trust me it helps when they can grab a box of cereal and coconut milk to tide them over until youget it in gear on the weekend.

Now when it comes to business my “CF” tendencies start to come alive and I have to be intentional about delegating to the public. So if you’re reading this, you may either get confused by what tasks to actually delegate or who to delegate them to.

My tip…just do it!  If you don’t read minds like my husband does, *rolls eyes* I wish… then here are 2 concrete Tee’s Tips.

1. Graphic Design materials –  I need some work done but not to the level of a professional graphic designer that’s gonna charge hundreds of dollars because they’re a professional. If you have some tech ability you can use Canva.com, Crello.com or Picmonkey.com. I waste loads of time here so reaching out to budding designers – recent grads building portfolios, is an option. Another one is to check Fiverr for a well-rated professional that will work with you.  You can easily check their prices.

2. Working on a website –  You can pay a company to do it, no problem.   If $ is an obstacle there are some great DIY tools out there like www.WIX.com.  Check out  http://ladyfikes.wix.com/codenextgeneration for an idea of what yours can look like. It’s also a wonderful organization.  If  you don’t even have the patience to DIY or perhaps you’re not the techie creative type, look for someone to barter with. It’s always a time-saver when you do what YOU do and find someone else to do what they do. There are also plenty options to find plug and play templates that are plug and play like a DIVI theme.

3.  Just Start moving.   Starting seems to be a challenge for some. There are things we do quite well when we put our minds to it.  So the thing you know you can do, but don’t really want to do, but when you start to do it, it’s actually not bad.  Start there.

As for me, it’s time to get off the pot.. .literally and figuratively.

Have a wonderfully productive day!

LaTanya “Tee”  Arthur is a Concierge Health Coach that helps women who are busy with family and career, craft a legacy of health and wellness that will last for generations to come.

Generational Health IS the new wealth!

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