A Seasonal Program

Imagine going through your day with sustainable energy and ending it by enjoying a refreshing night’s sleep.

The key is clearing toxins in your body and your life. Our Clean Eating program shows you how to support your body’s organs in doing the work of elimination using a simple and effective step-by-step approach. Toxins, when left behind, can leave you feeling sluggish, achy, heavy, stressed and out of shape. They can also lead to dis-ease in the form of anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, and many other serious illnesses.

This plan is designed for you, the entire family or a group of  friends and colleagues, with optimal wellness in mind.  Together, we will focus on getting energy back in a fun way so you can continue to show up in every area of your life.  Using a variety of herbs, foods, juices, and integrative therapies, we’ve got you covered.