Success Stories

Look Who’s Talking…

LaTanya has an amazing ability, after being shown a road map, to suggest a route that provides ease in travel!  I am inspired by her to put faith into action!”

~A. Ellis, Armed Services Member and Aspiring Author

“I started to feel the difference by our second session. I think the light bulb came on when she broke down the way different oils, vitamins, food etc. affects the body.  She actually gets to the bottom of the issue…  She gave several options to accomplish my goals and still remain healthy.  She isn’t judgmental but compassionate about helping others and  I recommend and encourage anyone to contact LaTanya for Health and Wellness or personal coaching related to Self –Esteem, Business blocks and Relationships. I would recommend these services because she has the compassion, the patience, and the intelligence to help and give correct information. The most important thing for me is that she is an honest person of integrity that knows the importance of getting down to the root of things.  I am a living testimony that Coach LaTanya Arthur is the”

N. Riley – mom and TeleHealth professional

“Working with Tee was a great experience for me.  Each week she easily zeroed in on what I most needed help with.  Tee’s intuitive connection with me was amazing and she was fun to work with.  I always feel comfortable in her presence.  I found myself really looking forward to our sessions and her wonderful ability to uncover things.  I would highly recommend Tee to anyone considering entering into a coaching program.”

~ Tara Gesling, Certified Holistic Health Coach

LaTanya has an incredible knack for instantly clearing the way in order to move things forward.  I’ve been lucky enough to experience this gift of hers first-hand.  She is the queen of breaking things down into do-able steps and MAKING IT HAPPEN.  If you want measurable success, you want LaTanya.” 

Robin Arutt, Health & Wellness expert and Founder at Full Potential Living

“I wanted to thank you again for our call…it really set the tone for my day and it ended up being a really great day.  It was so nice to be able to talk my problems out with someone of faith who understands.  I have been feeling rather alone lately, my husband is great and supportive, but doesn’t really understand the scope of what is involved with [business] and such.  So, that said, you inspired me to get out of my own way and work as it depends on me while believing God’s plan for me.  Whatever that is.  I am going to move forward and continue praying for leading.  Thank you again!”

~ M. McCoy – Educator and Holistic Health Coach

“I joined LaTanya’s group coaching program because I was looking for strategies to assist in balancing life, love and spirituality while remembering to eat healthy and stay active.  I IMMEDIATELY felt safe in being honest about all the things impacting my ability or shall I say inability to balance it all.  Most helpful was the clarity I gained about clean eating and the permission I felt to speak about me…the open conversations.  I’d recommend LaTanya’s coaching to anyone who needs assistance in balancing/maintaining or just getting back to a healthier you.  Give it a try- you will not be disappointed”

Keana Butler –  Principal, Va. Public Schools

LaTanya Arthur has a unique ability to be able to read and reach me. I have had several sessions with her during different transitional periods in my life. Each time she was able to allow the flow of healing to shift my focus in the direction it was supposed to go. She connected with me on a truly spiritual level. I honestly feel she is completely in tune with my vibration and me. LaTanya has a way of asking questions to get me to think, answer and release. Each release of emotion is healing. I have come such a long way on my journey with her. My latest session was the most profound. She saw a few posts I wrote on social media and reached out to me. She genuinely cared about the direction I was going and why I chose to use that platform to share. Then, she offered alternative solutions for sharing my story on a broader scale, to reach more people. More importantly, I trust LaTanya. I trust what she has to say. I trust her innate ability to guide, lead, motivate, inspire, and encourage. She is changing lives every day. She has helped to change mine, as well. When you have an opportunity to work with Mrs. Arthur, get ready to be challenged to push to the next level. She and her expertise are AMAZING!!!!

Maisha, Owner of Ani

As a Result of working with Coach LaTanya Arthur, I was able to know that it was Okay to be who I Be, Sensitive and all! I Love this Lady for Showing UP and Standing in the Gap for me even when I didn’t know I needed someone! I remember the Day she asked me that Important Question about who in this World Do I talk to when I need to share and release? I said I keep things to myself, I thought it was Normal!! Wow…ever since that Awakening Conversation life hasn’t been the same. LaTanya has been an Incredible Coach and friend, she allowed me to be okay with the Path that is right for me which brought me Joy, Peace and a Treasure to my Happiness! She showed me how to take time to Appreciate the Gifts that are already around me that makes me Happy and to Honor me, Guilt-free! She showed me how to recapture and Awaken my high Energy Gifts and how to be at peace when I made Life Decisions and it’s okay to Adjust my Sail and knowing that my life lessons aren’t a Repeat! She kept a Sacred Space that we Connected in and it allowed me to laugh, Dance and have Joy, Awakening, and Focus on my Vision and Dream and to hold on tight with some Juicy Enthusiasm that gave me Speedy Results. She asked the right Questions that gave me the right Answers and she kept me Accountable! Connecting with LaTanya and starting over from ground 0, in about 4 Weeks, I have released a fresh New Start and Super Excited! I’m currently working on my Modeling/ Acting and Sales Coaching Programs. I’m Happy and Grateful to live out my Passion and Vision and to Grow in AbundanceUnapologetically!! Coach LaTanya Arthur You’re Blessed, Beautiful, You’re a Genius, and You’re the Best. Thank You for Being You.

Model/ Actress/Sales Coach
R. Drayton