That Woman is Keeping a Secret…

A lesson I had to learn as I journey through life is to be alright with being vulnerable.  When I was ill and at my worst,  I tried to spare my friends, my family, especially my children, the pain and anguish I was experiencing.  I pretended everything was fine for as long as I could, even though they knew differently.  But what was I teaching them?  To lie? To carry on my phony superwoman agenda?  Today, as I write this I am keenly aware of a woman’s embattled mind.  One side desperately and exhaustively wanting to cry out for help versus the other, loudly proclaiming “I just don’t want to BOTHER anyone”.  Well who stays and who goes?  Can we both find a place here?

In this open note to a very special woman who is more than worthy. .To HER …to YOU and even to Me…I say…

Allow someone to love you completely. You pour out love freely, doling it out , void of reservation.  Does your intake valve not work?  This game of secrets in the name of love, ends today.  We already know that secrets have a way of spilling out at some point anyway.   Choosing not to share moments of weakness with those who love you and cherish you does not serve to protect them from pain. It only delays it and intensifies the inevitable.  How can they BE strong without being given the opportunity to “show up” for another being?  Especially ones they hold so dear.

You get knocked down…and you recover.  Your display of strength in many ways is admirable.  And yes…SEEING it in action helps us and shapes us.  But strength is also something we must be able to experience and personally display . Offering of ourselves to another in need… another in fear, is the reciprocity of life.  Grant us permission to share our “lessons learned” with you.

You’ve done a great job, so take some comfort in knowing the cycle is completing.   Each one teach one… right?   You have contributed to a generation that can now care for the one that has come before it…. our right of passage in some ways. Therefore, to a very special lady and ALL the women out there… You are MORE than worthy of RECEIVING an overflow of what you offer to so many.   Of all the life lessons you’ve passed on, please don’t ever let this life lesson go uncovered.  Receive LOVE today!

Loving You to Life,

LaTanya “Tee” Arthur, HHC


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